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Design & Create Interiors, Curtains, Blinds & Soft Furnishing

.. We listen, we visit, we create, we deliver Mobile 07889355535

Kersaint Cobb, Axminster, Amtico, Mr Tompkins, Cormar, Andrew Paul, Susie Watson, Cabbages & Roses,

And many more.....

Lighting/Carpets/ Flooring/ Furniture/Baths/ Toilets/ Sinks.......

Just absolutely everything in your home...

We can offer a bespoke turnkey service just for you

We can meet your individual needs and supply the

bespoke item you desire.

The antique chairs, chaise, sofas etc.look beautiful in designer fabrics or even 

sometimes with the frames painted to co-ordinate with your own schemes.

Contact us on our contact page alternatively:

Email us at [email protected]

01948 664704 & Mobile 07889355535